Job Opportunity

Notice of Filing an Application for Permanent Labor Certification

Job Title Executive VP - Production Strategy and Supply Chain
Salary $200,000 per year
Education Required Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering or a related Field
Experience Required 60 months in an executive management position in the aluminum rolled production industry
Other Requirements The 60 month of experience mention above must have involved all to the following:
  1. Supply chain development;
  2. Marketing and sales (ie. Integrating all the disciplines needed to understand customer demand); and
  3. Manufacturing supply
Job Description

Lead a distinct team of 30 experienced and professionally qualified works at an Aluminum coil manufacturing plant. The manufacturing process includes casting of rolling slab, hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, and finishing through tension leveling and packing. The role is centered in providing expertise to develop additional domestic flat rolled aluminum product manufacturing in the USA.:

  1. Establish the supply chain for aluminum flat rolled coil and sheet manufacturing at TCI Texarkana 
    1. Build portfolio office supply source for raw materials for melting and casting off of aluminum rolling slab.
      • Primary aluminum, specification, metal price risk (hedging)
      • Hardener requirement definition, specification and qualification
      • Market scrap metal requirement definition, specification and sourcing strategy
    2. Develop efficient logistics solutions
      • Optimal supply sources and freight lane alignment
      • Establish rail supply through activation of industry rail track, and contracting with up and G&W
    3. Negotiate and contract core supply positions.
    4. Manage supply risk.
      • Buffer operations to protect manufacturing capacity
      • Manage metal price risk through alignment of procurement and sales metal price periods,
      • Balance working capital requirement with operational buffer, as well as onsite and warehouse storage capacity.
  2. Preproduction strategy and coordination 
    1. Aluminum flat rolled production is a complex manufacturing environment, requiring integration of multiple supply chains and operations.
      Develop and embed an integrated business plan to coordinate operations.
    2. Develop and lead execution of the supply strategy for intermediate materials to support capacity expansion projects.
  3. Technical capability and quality performance
    1. Establish required metallurgical process capability for each of the manufacturing processes for aluminum flat rolled products
    2. Lead the embedment of the QMS for ISO9001 2015.
    3. Internal and external quality assurance, and customer product requirement development process.
    4. Risk management
  4. Project management
    1. Capex investment projects to increase capacity at the Texarkana Aluminum manufacturing facility
      • Cast house investment in capacity to reduce or eliminate the need for imported aluminum rolling slab
      • Investment in rolling and finishing capacity
    2. Capex investment to improve specification capability and quality.
    3. Eymploment Area: Nash, TX
      Employer: TCI Texarkana, Inc.
      Contact: John Elsenheimer, Vice President
      Date Posted: September 7, 2021
      Date Withdrawn: September 22, 2021
  1. Mail resumes to: TCI Texarkana, Inc.
    5855 Obispo Ave., Long Beach, CA 90805
  2. This notice is being provided as a result of the filing of an application for permanent alien labor certification for the relevant job opportunity.
  3. Any person may provided documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Certifying Officer of the Department of Labor:
  4. U.S. Department of Labor,
    Employment and Training Administration,
    Office of Foreign Labor Certification,
    200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room N-5311,
    Washington, DC 20210
  John Elsenheimer
Vice President