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About Us

The story of Ta Chen Stainless Pipe Co., Ltd. began with its founder, Mr. Robert Hsieh in 1986. At the time of its founding, the company was exclusively focused on manufacturing pipes. However, in 1989, the Company shifted its primary focus towards distribution of stainless steel pipes, valves and fittings. It was at this time that Ta Chen International, Inc. (also called TCI) was founded. During the 90's, TCI expanded its products to include stainless steel flat rolled and long products. The ability to successfully combine pipe, valves, and fittings, with flat rolled & long products under one sales platform was an industry first. TCI has continued to expand its offerings and has aquired multiple companies. Most notably, in 2018, the company purchased Texarkana Aluminum. This site, which had been idled for 10 years, has the capacity to achieve all aspects of aluminum coil manufacturing-- casting, hot mill, cold mill, and finishing. Once fully restored in early 2020, the site will employ 300 employees and will produce 300 million pounds of aluminum coil.

Also notable, in 2001, the Company launched what has become the metals industry's most popular and powerful Internet web order platform, found at www.TaChen.com. Customers have capitalized on this system to increase their own capital and operating efficiencies. Today, over 75% of the company’s daily transactions are completed efficiently through this technology platform.