Job Opportunity
Job Title Environmental Compliance Engineer
Location TCI Texarkana Inc. | 300 Alumax Drive, Texarkana, Texas 75501
Salary $74,901 per year
Job Description Performing engineering activities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. The position will specifically perform the following duties: perform periodic air, wastewater, waste, and chemical permit reporting and data collection; perform environmental sampling, including filter media sampling and outfall sampling; conduct environmental inspections, including stormwater, storage tank, SMACT label, waste audit, visible and fugitive emission observation; perform waste landfill reduction and landfill audit; troubleshoot the UHF and Purifier pressure of Cold Mill; discuss and coordinate with outsourcing companies to solve air pollution reduction and water treatment issues; establish and update the Environmental SOPs and Environmental Self Assessment Worksheets.
Job Requirements
  • Master degree in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Planning or Management required.
  • One year experience as Environmental Engineer required.
  • Demonstrated ability in air quality data collection and report required.
  • Demonstrated ability in evaluating air pollution using the ISC (Industrial Source Complex) model required.
Contact TCI Texarkana Inc.
Attn: HR
5855 Obispo Avenue. Long Beach. CA 90805